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Bonjour Durham…

Dear gentlest of readers,

If any forlorn souls were checking in on this blog during the months of July and August, I commend your patience and can now say that we have resumed life with a high-speed internet connection. Which means that I will soon be uploading some photos to document our amazing travels in England and Ireland before we returned stateside. We’ve made the big move (back) down to Durham for this coming year so I can direct a large portion of my energies into finishing the dissertation. La Petite has also embarked on a somewhat scholarly tack as she started nursery school whereupon she immediately came down with a cold which blossomed into an angry ear infection and so the past week has definitely been bumpy.  Once the amoxicillin sets in, I predict that things will be looking up.

In other grand news, my sister Jackie — artist extraordinaire– is off and running in Finland so check out her blog here.

À bientôt, j’espère



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