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Love, Little Josie Mouse


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Recently, Josephine has expressed a lot of interest in different kinds of art activities.  She can’t get enough of coloring with her crayons.  At first, she really just liked seeing how many crayons she could grasp in each hand, which was slightly counterproductive but lately she has grasped that she can make some pretty cool marks on the paper by bearing down and using one crayon at a time.  I must say that her scribbling has gotten pretty good! In September, we gave finger painting a try in order to make two very special birthday cards for both her grandmothers, Granny and Gigi, who were born September 20th and 22nd, respectively.  I set up a little newspaper and paper outside on our front walk, and stripped Jo down to her diaper as I feared that the finger painting would quickly devolve into body painting and other such expressions. (The weather here has been so crazily warm we could still be taking advantage of this finger-painting weather…) As the pictures below indicate, this was indeed the end result, although we did also produce a couple of lovely pieces to put in the mail.

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Okay, so the count-down to one year kind of fizzled out. But here, on this most auspicious day, is a quick count-up, inspired by one of our favorite tunes of yore.

1. Already scheming at one month...

2. Two months: first bath. . . Just kidding.

3. Just 189 more months.

4. The pout. We hardly knew ye...

5. The five-month-old dragon has apparently scared Jack O to death.

6. Josie and food: the love affair begins.

7. Soooo excited for Santa.

8. La fille en pyjamas requins

9. Neuf mois: entrez peek-a-boo

10. Dix Mois: Entrez le Face

11. Building pyramids at 11 months




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Scenes from Josephine’s second and third week…She showed an early penchant for tie-dye.

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Scenes from Josephine’s first week circa last May, Hartford, CT…

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On the last moisiversaire before la Petite Merveille turns one year (I cannot believe that she’s turning one next month!), we’re going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Jo has gotten really good at "cruising," which means walking while holding onto things, like the couch here.

She is also obsessed with trying to eat apples, and she has to hold them herself.

Her future is exceedingly bright, hence the new shades.

This adorable outfit was a gift from Letia and Mike, owners of Josie's favorite consignment boutique, Little Closets.

And so was this adorable hat. Thanks Letia, Mike & Madeus!

She loves making faces!

Josephine decided that she no longer liked having her legs confined under the windbreaker of her stroller so she engineered some relief.

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We’ve been lucky to have a steady stream of visitors in the month of March which has motivated us to have some new and interesting experiences. When Dan and Bridget came, we decided to rent a car and go check out neighboring Normandy. Our first stop was Rouen (which has gained some infamy as the town where Joan of Art was burned at the stake). We enjoyed a tres French meal at a little place with its original zinc bar and recruiting posters from WWI and WWII on the walls. The highlights: a foie gras terrine that Dan ordered as an appetizer, the Norman oysters, which Bridget reported lived up to their reputation and Tadhg’s lamb stew, which was enjoyed by everyone else, but had TD wishing he’d stuck to his guns and ordered the tête de veau over Dan’s vehement mad-cow warnings.  I kept seeing many baba au rhum leave the kitchen so I ordered one, but its rum content knocked me over.  Then we checked out the Cathedral in Rouen, which is absolutely stunning. No wonder Monet obsessively painted its facade. It also has the added, far-out benefit of containing the heart of Richard the Lionhearted so we (save TD, of course) naturally paid our respects. Little known, possibly made up fact about the cathedral: the tower on the right, known as the tour de beurre, is so called because it was funded with donations made by the townspeople in exchange for being allowed to eat butter during lent.

Try to ignore the scaffolding...

After Rouen, we pressed on to Etretat for another important icon of Impressionist paintings — a natural arch carved out of white limestone cliffs standing in the water.  We made it there just as the sun was setting and so we walked about the pebbled beach with Josephine, taking in the changing light on the chalky cliffs.

As night fell, we drove onto Honfleur, another cute little town which had once been a bastion of Impressionist painters seeking the best light en plein air.  We spent most of the day in Honfleur, where we checked out Erik Satie’s birthplace and walked along the harbor.  On our way home we passed through Giverny, but the gardens are closed until April. Alas. We’ll just have to get our Monet fix at l’Orangerie.

Josephine checks out some Erik Satie while touring his quirky home.

Dan and Tadhg contemplate breaking into Giverny, but ultimately decide not to.

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